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Attention! Web & Graphic Design is based on the tranquil and scenic Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, a short ferry ride from Vancouver. A great place to be creative, away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Teresa Nightingale

Halfmoon Bay, BC

Teresa is a work-from-home self-taught web designer with 20+ years of experience in web building and desktop publishing, and a lifetime interest in drawing and painting before that.

Her post-secondary education was in Physics (M.Sc., UBC, 1990) which involved a fair amount of programming and various computer use. It was only natural that she would eventually combine her computer experience with her fine arts skills.

Teresa's original desktop publishing and web design experience came through her involvement in the area of athletics (running), both as an athlete and an administrator. Since 2001 she has been designing for all types of clients (businesses, community organizations, festivals, clubs) through word-of-mouth referrals of her services.

These referrals grew to the point where Teresa decided to turn her part-time endeavours into a full-time business in late 2002 to accommodate the volume of requests coming in. In other words, she has been fortunate enough to turn her favourite "hobby" into her business (i.e. she really loves designing websites!). Digital photography has been added to the mix, both as a hobby and for website needs.

In 2009 Teresa was nominated and selected as a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards of Distinction in the Home-Based Business category.

When she's not working at the computer, Teresa spends her time with her family, trail running, hiking, swimming, gardening, socializing with freedom-loving friends, and doing whatever it takes to help build the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Alex Nightingale

Halfmoon Bay, BC

Alex (Teresa's son) obtained a Robotics degree at BCIT in 2019. He has a keen programming mind and has quickly picked up on WordPress/PHP coding since re-joining Attention in 2022. Alex is eager to tackle any challenging customization requests. With an intuitive understanding of each others' thought processes that removes the need for long explanations, together Alex and Teresa are able to keep the workflow going smoothly.


Roger Handling

Terra Firma Digital Arts
Roberts Creek, BC

Roger's graphic design expertise has drawn clients from around the world, and his sought-after work can be seen in many publications including books, posters, brochures, maps and various collateral materials. Roger and Teresa collaborate often, with Teresa converting his designs into live websites, or bringing Roger's design skills to her clients.

Roger is also an avid trail/mountain runner who takes advantage of living at the edge of many kilometres of forest trails on the Sunshine Coast. He competed regularly as an age group winner and has attended the World Mountain Running Championships several times.