Comments from happy clients and their site visitors.

Wells Gray Tourism

“Thank you eternally for all of your work and expertise. The site is gorgeous and it's been amazing to have it live as we have opened for our first day at the Visitor Centre and can direct visitors to the new content.”
— Stephanie Molina, Tourism Manager

Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts

"You're the very best! You really are. And while I'm at it, I was talking the other day to the husband of one of our authors who was full of praise about the simplicity (and he meant that in the most complimentary way), ease of navigability (did I just make up that word?), the clean and clear look and the information provided on our website. Of course I took full credit :) Kidding!"

"A caller yesterday told me how much she liked the website; it's clear and very easy to navigate and she is just really tired of going to websites and having to work hard to get the information she needs. Kudos to you!"
— Jane Davidson, director

Top Agent Travel Advisors

"You have outdone yourself… these updates are most awesome!!! I LOVE THEM!! you really put some thought/time into the slides… the surfing is so perfect for Carlsbad, we are very famous for surfing here and the slides on the hotel page… all the pages so clever and cool!! I love the home page as well."
— Christine Ghezzi, owner

Capital City Half Marathon

"I just looked at the old site compared to the new one. Congrats to all 3 of you. T, I owe you big time..."
— David Babner, M3S Sports

"The look of the new Cap City site is fantastic. We love it."
— Brent Lalonde, M3S Sports

Lynn Kanuka Coaching

"Hey, have had lots of positive happy comments about the site... again — thank-you — I feel it's captured the essence honestly of who I am... both in the visual-first-impression... and in the content."
— Lynn Kanuka

Kitty In The Window Pet Services

"Wow, you work very quickly! I am so impressed. I can't believe you have done so much in such a short time. I love the pawprint background and think it looks great! Thank you so much for getting everything off the other website. I feel so relieved that finally the website is on its way to being finished.
The print only stylesheet is a wonderful idea! I had tried printing pages off my website before but they looked terrible with blocks of white and teal here and there.
Much appreciation :)"
—Serena Gibson, owner

Katie's Run

"...I just wanted to take a moment and express my most sincere thanks and appreciation for assisting us with, what turned out to be a extraordinary event. Last June we were able to bring a great community together to have a day of fun and friendship while raising money for a great cause and keeping the memory or our loving Daughter Katie alive and well."
—Michael P. McBride

Moondance Dynamic Arts School

"As always, thank you for all your efficient, kind, and wonderful work throughout the year. I really appreciate your approach and the site itself! wonderful..."

"I just want to say again how much I appreciate what you do. Our website looks so professional, colourful, happy, and organised! It presents such a great "face" for us! THANK YOU."
—Lynn Weaver, owner

World Trade Center Run to Remember

"I have received numerous comments from people about the site design and I could not be happier. Once again you did an amazing job."
—Tom Biggers, Race Director / NYPD Running Club

Upstaging Your Homes / Sharon Charboneau

"I just went thru the edited site with Dane & we both think it looks amazing... Your work got rave reviews from another website designer from Gibsons. She was over yesterday for dinner and I showed it to her; she thought it was very well done. She liked the way you used my colours and suggested that I change my biz card to correspond with your design. I think I will."
—Sharon Charboneau, owner

"Your new website is fantastic!! It's everything I would love for mine to be. The layout works really well and the design is beautiful. Your pictures look really nice, too. And you did an excellent job with the copy! You must be really pleased. You better open up your calendar because the appointments are sure to start rolling in! Your patience in getting this just right will be rewarded."
—a fellow stager in Pennsylvania

"Beautiful website! I love the fresh colors you selected and the site is very easy to navigate."
—Diana Young

"Hi Sharon — I just checked out your new website and I must say, it is very warm, inviting, chocked full of incredible before/after, your services, etc. I love the color scheme and the visual flow, design, etc. You are one talented professional! Your creativity is simply amazing!"
—Chris Olsen, Broker/Owner, Olsen Ziegler Realty

NYPD Memorial 5k Run

"Thanks! We've gotten a very positive response from the small number of people who have seen the site so far. Thanks again!"
—Tom Biggers, Director, NYPD Running Club

"It's probably one of the nicest race websites I've ever seen. Whoever designed it did a great job."

Tucson Police Foundation

"WOW! I finally took a moment to look over the whole Tucson Police Foundation web site and what a refreshing change!! It flows so much better and the information is mostly current and relevant for a change. I especially like how you used actual photos of the TPD in action around town. I'm so glad Laszlo introduced you to the foundation!! What a fantastic job you're doing!"
—Ginger Shafer, former S.T.A.R.T. Coordinator

Ascent Natural Perfumes

Feedback from site users:

"That is a very beautiful website, beautiful and impressive...."

"Congratulations Rohanna! The website is truly beautiful!"

"Your website looks absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!"

Sea to Sky Outdoor School

"WOW, WOW, WOW … love it Teresa! … the 'look' is so engaging. The images really help to bring Sea to Sky alive. You've chosen some fantastic photos to capture the essence. This gives us great motivation to get on with adding and updating the website. Thank you."
—Wendy Miller, Sea to Sky Director

Gibsons Sea Cavalcade

"I love how your website looks and it works very well."
—Jackson Davies, actor

Joyful Melodies Music Studio

"WAHOOOOOOOOO! Congratulations Joyce! Your website is outstanding. Kudos to you and your team that helped put this together. GREAT job!!!!"
—feedback from site user

Gibsons Library Foundation

"You have created a marvellous web presence for the Library Foundation and we are ready to show the world! ... Mike has just brought the site up on his computer...absolutely stunning...I am so pleased Teresa...thank you!"
—Lynda Coote, Chair

Premier Sports

"I finally got to see the site in all its glory. The subpages look as great as the homepage. You are wonderful! Thanks again.
I just forwarded it to Jeff. I hope he has the same reaction. how amazing. You do great work."

Loving Stitch

"Again, thank you so much for all you have done, and continue to do. We have had a lot of compliments on our new site, and it makes us look great!"

"So far the reaction has been very positive on the site, people LOVE it!! Already had a newsletter sign-up too."

Run Down Crime 5k

"Everything looks great, I'm working on the first news item, should be ready soon. And thanks for the Constant Contact banner. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all your hard work. It's great that I can rely on awesome people. I love your work and I hope somebody else from Tucson will have the chance to work with you!"
—Laszlo Otvos, Race Director

Winsome Kennels

"Everyone loves the website. It's awesome. People are calling us all the time—we've sold half the puppies already!"

Gibsons Fall Fair

"I am sooo excited!!! This is the greatest thing ever, I cannot begin to thank you enough... I am sending some photos for you, if you can use them that's great! I have to go send this to everyone I know right now!"

John and related sites

John Bingham and Coach Jenny Hadfield
Teresa (centre) with Coach Jenny Hadfield and John "The Penguin" Bingham, at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2007

(feedback from John Bingham)

"THIS IS EXACTLY what I had DREAMED of. Amazing.

"I LOVE it. It is SO cool looking I can barely stand it."

"Our web sites are our business cards, our poster boards, and our most important form of advertising. Before you joined the team, we were always playing catch-up. Now, with you on board, we're actually getting ahead of the game. Thank you for being such an important part of our success."

Chicago Endurance Sports (CES)

"Thank you — it all looks absolutely phenomenal! We've already had several great feedback comments, especially from our marketing consultant — he loves it!!!"
— Mike Norman, co-owner

"Dear Coaches,
Congratulations on the new look and design for ''
My first impression is, "Wow."
What a great stride forward.
(And in the business you are both in, "great strides" are a very good thing...)
The site is informative and attractive, and makes an excellent statement about the CES Brand.
Everything is easy to maneuver through and around; and the (very) "clean" look (and your choice of photos) is 'just right' for the target audience which CES is trying to attract.
I can only imagine that this re-design has turned out to be everything (and more) which you hoped it would be.
I don't know about the two of you, but that new website just makes me smile. Please tell the designer (Teresa) that she did a really great job..."
— CES Marketing Consultant

"I love it. You created a website that is a direct expression of what we do, who we are and why people love to train with us! Thank you!"
— Jenny Hadfield

Jenny Hadfield

"Looks fabulous! I am so excited! You've done an incredible job!!!"
— Jenny

"FANTASTIC... I love all the new photos. GREAT stuff.
Congratulations. It's a super site!"
— John Bingham


"Thanks—this all looks great. We appreciate you working with us on a short time line to produce a great design!"

Country Cottage B & B

"Have been getting RAVE reviews from near and far on the site. Sent out a Huge 'heads up' to Irish Wolfhound friends around the world, great reaction to the site, its appearance and ease of use. Many IW owners are very savvy computer experts."

"A STANDING OVATION to you for doing a truly outstanding job with Margaret on our site, it shall stand above all others! I see even more business coming your way! So thrilled with the outcome!!!"

Graham Harrop, Cartoonist

"...Graham is super-busy working on his Globe cartoons for the deadline, so he hasn't looked today, but I just meandered through the website and it is perfect. Thank You So Much! His ad will be in the paper tomorrow and it's great that everything is right there if people check the site. I can't tell you how much this means, and again you and Michael [Buckley] are fantastic for bringing this about... all the best, Annie"

Countryside Tours

"Have just finished going through the website, and you have done a fantastic job. I am thrilled with it. And I really like the way you have set it up—very simple to get around in, and the way you can enlarge the photographs."

Jeff Balin, Business & Executive Coach

"Now, that's a website! It looks great, love the simplicity of design, the ease of navigation, and the clarity of thought. You really hit the nail on the head. Very professional too." (comment to Jeff from a graphic artist)

"The site looks really great!!!! Thank you for putting in all the edits. By the way, I'm getting good feedback already (haven't even "launched" it yet)."

"This is terrific feedback! Many thanks and kudos to Margaret!
I've had a first pass at it, and made a bunch of notes. I'll need some more time to digest it, work on stuff and get back to you. For now, however, I must say, the comments are intelligent, insightful and quite thorough; this is very helpful." (Jeff in response to content suggestions from Attention)

Michael Buckley, writer (private website)

"I passed along the trailer addresses to my agent and some other parties, and responses varied from Wow! to Fabulous! They were mighty impressed, in other words, and hopefully that will be the effect on prospective publishers too. So congratulations to you for getting the site into top shape. Thanks for final adjustments—all running now."

Gatland Design

"I was just poking around this morning on the page again. Love the addition of graphics on the home page and others. All round—the site is great! Just what I wanted, simplified and classy. I will certainly tell others about the great job you've done."

"Of course I told everyone here at work to have a peek. They were all quite impressed!"

April Fool's Run

"I have to say that the website for the half marathon is THE most comprehensive and helpful and friendly one I have EVER seen. Well done!!"

"I must say (again) that you have one of the clearest and most welcoming race websites that I've ever seen."

Canada Running Series

"I've complimented Alan on the great website and he says it's all your work—nice job!"

"Thanks!!! It looks terrific!!!! A great treat for me when I got online this morning."

"I just had a moment this morning and was looking at Run Barbados. FANTASTIC—GREAT JOB! I will make sure Alan puts a great plug in for RB and the great new website."

"Thanks for getting it all posted! As always, you make it all look very nice."

Nichol Vineyard

"I have been looking at a lot of other winery web-sites in BC this past week, and without a doubt the Nichol site is amongst the best, if not the best."

"The 3 page newsletter is awesome. We sent it out this morning and we have already had comments back from subscribers saying how much they liked it."

Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival

"Congrats on a fabulous website!"

"I was just talking to my eldest son who made the comment the website is one of the best he's seen. Not only is it pleasing to look at but he likes all the links and how well the information comes across."

"I just checked out the new improved website and was absolutely blown away.  What a remarkable job you have done! I am sooooo impressed and can't wait for all my friends to check it out. Good work!!"

"Congratulations to all of you!! Beautiful brochure and poster and fabulous web site!!!" [note: brochure and poster were created by Roger Handling, Terra Firma Digital Arts]

"...I have just checked out your website. Wow! For the past decade, I have worked in the film industry primarily in trade shows, festivals, marketing and the like. I have never seen such an organized, imaginative and well presented event! And this is only your second one! Particularly the media section. Great!"

"... it's very well laid-out, especially for a technopeasant like myself. I use e-mail and word processing a lot but 'surfing the net' has been an exercise in frustration for me (so much visual garbage) that I approached the website with trepidation the first time. What a treat to have a logical path to follow!! and no irrelevant stuff popping up left, right and centre."

"I just checked the web site & I'm so impressed. It looks great with the photos."

"I'd just had a chance to look at the website - it's WONDERFULLY DONE!!!!!"

BC Athletics

"Thank you, Teresa: I swear you are the most competent web guru in the province!"

"Great improvement over what was there previously. Nicely organized."

"It's great!  It's easier to navigate around and find the topics and links that you are looking for. Not to mention all of the area track meets. Thanks a ton..."

"Great site. Nice and professional looking site. Teresa you are a wonder woman!!!! Just renewed my membership on here. Nice to be able to do that online. Thanks for the site."

"Congratulations the site is so much better and easier to use... Great Site."

"I was just browsing through the calendar of what a comprehensive listing... Thanks very much for a wonderful site."

"... the BCA site is amazing... good work."

"Excellent! What fantastic service!"

adidas Vancouver International Marathon 2003

"Things look great Teresa.  I believe you have all of our current information now.  It really looks good, thanks for the attention to details."

"Incredibly well done web site!"

(From website survey)
"Navigation: excellent. Visual appeal: excellent. Download speed: excellent.
Compared to other marathon sites: The best in my view, compared to Chicago LaSalle, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, LA Marathon, Minneapolis, Edmonton, Calgary and Regina Queen City.
Comments: Ran Vancouver last year and again plan to this year. Great site and a great race. Scenic and well supported."

"... you did a very great job. It is a very logical website and very easy to use. I found anything I had tried to look for. You must very proud of yourself of maintaining this giant website."

Rotary Club of Steveston

"You have done an awesome job. The membership is really happy with the product and the speed with which you update items. Thanks."

Telecom Source

"It all looks very good now. I am very happy with the way it has turned out! Thank you for all your hard work."

Kajaks Track & Field Club

"I wanted to let you know that we have had great response from members on our new site. Great job."

"I think you've nailed it on the head (or you know what I mean). Both Don and I think it looks great. I might add you are a breath of fresh air, give you a job and it is done, no talking about it for years."

"Thanks SO much for all your help on these two websites [Kajaks & BC Athletics] – I really don't know where we'd be without your knowledge and flair for this sort of thing. We're VERY lucky – just wanted you to know you're appreciated."

Haney-Harrison Relay

"The H2H website was very well organized and very professional. The race package info was also well put together with great maps."

"Fantastic job on the website...message forum was a great idea too!!!"

Timex BC Road Running Series

"You do a fantastic job and you are quick. It is obvious that you take great pride in your work."

"Great site. I liked the graphics and links. Very easy to move around in, good information and nicely laid out."

"Excellent web site.  You should be selling your services more widely."

"I got a chance to check out the website's awesome!! You've really put in a lot of effort into it and it shows. I like the photo gallery and the profile section. I like how the page doesn't take 5 hours to open up."

"Hello - just a quick note to say that we love your website! Thanks, and keep up the great work, you could show AC a thing or two."

"Hi Teresa. Just a comment to say I think you're doing a real good job on the BC Athletics Web site I hope you are able to keep up the good work. It's well laid out and easy to get around. I also like the profile section, it's neat to read about other runners history and future goals. Keep up the good work."

"Great job on the pictures - the whole web site is really well done!  Crisp and bright, interesting and packed with info."

"I just want to let you know what a great job you and Larry have done on the series and especially the work you have dedicated towards the series website. It is really outstanding, and I have heard many other participants of the series say this same thing. Way to go!!!"

"Thanks for all the hard work and congratulations on the very well run and informative website."

"Teresa, I think you have done an excellent job, not only with the appearance, but the timeliness of results and photos."

Digital Photography

"Thank you for all your wonderful photos of Siew's party, everyone who has seen them is so complimentary—it was such a fun afternoon."

"Thank you very much for the photographs, they are wonderful!! It was a glorious day and the backdrop for our market was spectacular so thank you for capturing it so well. What sort of digital camera do you use?"