Web Design

What makes a great site?

Good coding practices.

We code using modern web standards to ensure that our sites will be accessible in many browsers and viewing devices, for now and the future. All sites are mobile-friendly with a 'responsive design': when viewed on anything from a smart phone to a large desktop monitor, the site is tailored to optimize the user experience.

Content is number one (but looking good is important too).

With informative and well-written copy, your message and your company's personality will stand out loud and clear.

The reading experience can and should be made aesthetically pleasing with a carefully chosen colour scheme and the limited use of well-designed, fast-loading graphic elements and images. This is the other half of your site's "personality", which is carried through every page.

Making sense of it all.

You may have fascinating content but if it's not arranged in a logical fashion that visitors can follow, they'll soon leave in frustration. We specialize in organizing large amounts of information into an intuitive, clearly labelled structure. Your visitors will know exactly where to click to get the information they seek.

Make them feel at home in your site.

Navigation is best set up in the way that viewers are accustomed to. Put elements where visitors expect them to be, and they'll feel comfortable on your site.

Everyone welcome.

The browsing experience can be as enjoyable for someone with an older desktop computer as it is for someone with a new tablet. Not everyone has access to the latest and greatest technology, but you certainly want them to have access to your website.

Choice and scalability of font sizes is another important factor for accessibility. It's unlikely that most of your audience has 20-20 vision, so why make them squint or zoom in every time they land on your site?

Strive for perfection.

We are perfectionists and avid proof-readers, and make every effort to avoid publishing typos, spelling errors or grammatical mistakes—something we see all too often on websites and print material. Your website will instill confidence in your customers when they see that you care enough to do things right, down to the smallest detail.

We also check our sites for broken links and technical glitches, and fix them promptly if they show up. Nothing turns a visitor away faster than a website that doesn't function properly or does something unexpected. We'll make sure your site keeps visitors around—and coming back.